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by admin on 02 6th, 2017
 The Founder’s Connection: Celebrating the Life of the Founder Amando B. Amatong

The Founder’s Connection: Celebrating the Life of the Founder Amando B. Amatong

People say that everything in life is fleeting. Nothing is forever.


Death puts an end to everything. These statements, although true are not absolute. There are things that will transcend and continue to live on despite one’s passing away from this world. A legacy is one of these things. A legacy that will outlive not only the person who planted the seed of such legacy but also of the generations to come; a legacy that leads us to celebrate life and not death.
On February 6, 2017, the ABCollege Community will once again commemorate the birth and life of the Founder, Amando B. Amatong through the annual “Pasidungog” Festival. This year’s festivity is focused on the theme, “Pasidungog 2017: Magmaya ug Magdayeg sa Atong Kinaiyahang Kabtangan,” highlighting the important virtue of appreciating and praising God for His wonderful creation, a vital step in preservation and conservation of the environment. The Founder, being a son of a fisherman, farmer and tuba gatherer; whose occupations were largely dependent on nature’s grace, understood the importance of respecting nature. As such, the College was founded for the purpose of providing affordable and quality education to the people of Zamboanga del Norte and beyond in a conducive academic environment. It is not by chance that the College is presently located at the heart of the city where numerous trees abound. It is because of this continued respect for the environment upheld by administrators that the College still enjoys a beautiful and refreshing atmosphere. This picturesque ambiance always has and always will inspire students, faculty, staff and visitors alike. As one stanza in the College hymn goes:
“Proudly stands in quiet and peaceful grounds,
With green fields all around,
Graced with air and healthful sunshine,
Providing a setting so divine.”

The 125th Birth Anniversary of the founder on February 6 will be highlighted by festive dance presentations from seven competing departments namely: Junior High School, Senior High School, School of Engineering, School of Education, College of Arts and Sciences-School of Nursing-Graduate School, School of Criminology, and School of Business Management Education. Mr. Rodiolan S. Porlas, Dapitan City Information Officer, Prof. Henedina Z. Rocamora, of the Physical Education Department at Jose Rizal Memorial State University, and Mr. Rogelio “Jing” M. Lirasan, a freelance interior and exterior designer, event and stylist coordinator and fashion designer, serve as judges for the event. The festival will start with a parade at 2:30 p.m. and includes a street dance competition near Friends Burger, and the full showdown at 4:30 p.m. at the Amando B. Amatong Civic Center. An arts exhibit will also be launched on the same day showcasing the works of artists from the province at the College’s Exhibition Lobby. Come and join us in this celebration. LONG LIVE ANDRES BONIFACIO COLLEGE! (Kevin James Limbaga)

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