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by eSMO on 02 4th, 2013
 ABCollege tops NLE passing rate in the region

ABCollege tops NLE passing rate in the region

Andres Bonifacio College achieves the highest examinee passing rate for the recent December 2012 Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE) throughout the colleges and universities of Zamboanga Peninsula. Professional Regulation Commission publishes January 30 this year a total passing rate of 81.03% for ABCollege.table

The said rate is much higher than the national passing rate of 34.46% (16, 908 out of 49, 066 examinees). The examination were given in Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Dagupan, Davao, Iloilo, Laoag, Legazpi, Lucena, Nueva Ecija, Pagadian, Pampanga, Tacloban, Tuguegarao and Zamboanga.

The new successful and proud nurses of the College are:

  1. Aizalyn C. Abdul, RN
  2. Grabein Son G. Abe, RN
  3. Audelle A. Abrinica, RN
  4. Allen Jhane S. Acierto, RN
  5. Joseph Gleen  M. Agustin, RN
  6. Ralph Kevin J. Agustin, RN
  7. Daisy T. Ambao, RN
  8. Mary Elizabeth O. Balili, RN
  9. Marnelli Grace D. Ballares, RN
  10. Idyll A. Berago, RN
  11. Lizel D. Cabale, RN
  12. Mateo V. Cabillo Jr. , RN
  13. Jenikka I. Camahalan, RN
  14. Gerra Mae T. Candelesa, RN
  15. Mylin C. Castillano, RN
  16. Keren Joyce F. Dayrit, RN
  17. Sarah Jane L. Demetillo, RN
  18. Desiree M. Dimasuhid, RN
  19. Myla A. Drilon, RN
  20. Jodelannie Z. Empeynado, RN
  21. Johanna Grace B. Flor, RN
  22. Snow Sheen R. Galoso, RN
  23. Corlene G. Gonzaga, RN
  24. Johanna F. Ilao , RN
  25. Rose Dianne N. Insong, RN
  26. Noemi B. Javier, RN
  27. Soraya S. Karbasi, RN
  28. Kimberly L. Ko, RN
  29. Robe P. Laranjo, RN
  30. Thea Claire M. Magtuba, RN
  31. Maurein Joei Yhasminne L. Manigos, RN
  32. Llyz Daryl L. Maravillas, RN
  33. Daisylyn Q. Montes, RN
  34. Kreanne Marie G. Morandarte, RN
  35. Neizel Marie S. Ortega, RN
  36. Danica Joanne G. Pitonang, RN
  37. Lizette Lou B. Que, RN
  38. Martin A. Realiza, RN
  39. Chummy P. Reambonanza, RN
  40. Mary Ann B. Recamara, RN
  41. Brooks Shield E. Regencia, RN
  42. Melody S. Saldana, RN
  43. Rosalie J. Sarecia, RN
  44. Nikki Chariss R. Solatorio, RN
  45. Sarah Vina O. Suminguit, RN
  46. Carmi Richen A. Sybico, RN
  47. Shiela May S. Tenorio, RN
  48. Jan Maicah T. Velasco, RN
  49. Madelyn D. Velasco, RN
  50. Jhim Ivan C. Zamoras, RN

Pursuant to Section 16 of R.A. 9173, “All successful candidates in the examination shall be required to take an oath of profession before the Board or any government official authorized to administer oaths prior to entering upon the nursing practice.” – JR Bicoy

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