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by admin on 05 26th, 2015
 ABCollege School of Law to reform Legal Aid Clinic

ABCollege School of Law to reform Legal Aid Clinic

Following one of the time-honored principles in the practice of law: “Those who have

less in life should have more in law”,the Andres Bonifacio College School of Law responds to

this need by reforming its Legal Aid Clinic. This Legal Aid Clinic is projected to be a non-stock,

non-profit, school-based organization, student-run law firm which will be under the supervision

of esteemed member/s of the bar as guided by Rule 138- A, Rules of Court on Law Student

Practice which states that: Section 1. Conditions for student practice. — A law student who has

successfully completed his 3rd year of the regular four-year prescribed law curriculum and is enrolled in a

recognized law school’s clinical legal education program approved by the Supreme Court, may appear

without compensation in any civil, criminal or administrative case before any trial court, tribunal, board

or officer, to represent indigent clients accepted by the legal clinic of the law school.


The Legal Aid Clinic shall provide free legal services but not limited to the actual

handling of cases, walk-in consultations, preparation of legal forms or affidavits but also on

other programs or projects like orientations, fora and seminars, which require legal knowledge

and skill to indigent clients and/or other stakeholders.


Andres Bonifacio College School of Law’s Legal Aid Clinic was given cognizance by the

Supreme Court way back 1988 under the deanship of the late Atty. Narciso P. Barbaso, making

this institution as one of the first five schools throughout the entire country allowed to operate a

legal aid clinic. Bolstering its qualification is the fact that the School of Law has been giving free

legal service to the community since the 1960’s.


According to the present Dean of the School of Law, Atty. Ma. Cheryl Angela P.

Barbaso, who attended the First General Assembly, this recent development aims to give ample

exposure to aspiring lawyers in the actual practice of law, extend free legal services to our poor

and underprivileged brothers and sisters as well as to produce driven, socially-responsive and

service-oriented lawyers.


Dean Barbaso added further that as law students grow in their journey in the study of

law, they have the greater responsibility to remain relevant to their community by reaching out to

it. The legal aid clinic is expected to be reformed this school year to strengthen the objectives of

the legal aid clinic. (Kevin James Limbaga)

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