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by Alumni and Public Affairs Office on 02 26th, 2011
 ABCollege maintains No. 1 regional standing in Nursing Board Exam, produces 36 new nurses

ABCollege maintains No. 1 regional standing in Nursing Board Exam, produces 36 new nurses

The Andres Bonifacio College is once again in the limelight for its astounding performance in the December 2010 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE).  A total of thirty-four (34) out of forty-one (41) fresh graduates or a whopping 82.93% passing rate for first-timers successfully passed the examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), cementing ABCollege’s status as a topnotch nursing school in the region.

It can be remembered that the College became first in Region IX and tenth nationwide when it obtained 89.65% passing rate in the November 2009 NLE, earning the institution a commendation from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Director Dr. Emmylou B. Yanga.

Joining the ranks of successful nurses of the College are:

1. Cattleya B. Acaylar, RN

2. Nicco B. Acaylar, RN

3. Mary Chussell S. Acopio, RN

4. Jessica B. Acopio, RN

5. Anna Ida, J. Agda, RN

6. Flordilyn M. Alegarbes, RN

7. Mayshelle G. Baraquia, RN

8. Fe C. Bandoquillo, RN

9. Vanessa C. Cuenca, RN

10. Jovelle L. Diaz, RN

11.  Andrew B. Eguia, RN

12.  Adonis T. Elumbaring, RN

13.  Horace Grant M. Gines, RN

14.  Lyell B. Guirigay, RN

15.  Meldy Lorelin C. Gumalal, RN

16.  May Anne O. Intong, RN

17.  Angelo Ivan I. Labadlabad, RN

18.  Neil Alvin A. Maligro, RN

19.  Ryan C. Matabalan, RN

20.  Edeliza P. Mayuela, RN

21.  Keith Mae B. Murcia, RN

22.  Roselyn N. Narvaez, RN

23.  Mary Glenn S. Obnimaga, RN

24.  Maricar A. Obeñita, RN

25.  Maricar T. Osorio, RN

26.  Mc Dave J. Peras, RN

27.  Tiffany Ma. Krista U. Putian, RN

28.  Myrad G. Romero, RN

29.  Ednelyn May L. Royo, RN

30.  Marlu J. Santander, RN

31.  Willington Ivo B. Sevilla, RN

32.  Abigael C. Sevilleno, RN

33.  Juna Fe M. Sumandig, RN

34.  Evronica Deniece Mae C. Torres, RN

35.  Sheye June B. Uy, RN

36.  Claire T. Tomodas, RN

Meanwhile, the Andres Bonifacio College improved its over-all standing in the region from second last year to first this year. Of over ten nursing schools in the region, the College emerged as the topnotcher. The over-all performance of nursing schools is tabulated below:

There are a total of fifty-one (51) nursing graduates from ABCollege who took the nursing board examination with thirty-six (36) passers including repeaters, leading to an over-all performance rating of 70.59%. It can be noted that since the first batch of nursing graduates in 2006, the Andres Bonifacio College has been consistent in its standing; that is, achieving passing rates of not below 60% in the NLE. The College has thus far maintained its stance in providing quality education not only to nursing students but also to all students from all disciplines.

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