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by Alumni and Public Affairs Office on 02 18th, 2012
 ABCollege is still No. 1 in the region!

ABCollege is still No. 1 in the region!

With its recent performance in the Nursing Licensure Examination held last December 2011, the Andres Bonifacio College has reaffirmed its status as the best nursing school in the Zamboanga Peninsula and as one of the best in the country.

Fifty-one out of the  73 first-time examinees from the College successfully passed the December 2011 NLE. This translates to a passing percentage of 69.86%. The national passing percentage in the said examinations is only 33.92%. As compared to the other schools in the Zamboanga Peninsula offering the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, the ABCollege obtained the highest passing rate thus making it No. 1 in Region IX, a distinction that  the institution has been holding for three years now.

In 2010, the College earned a special citation from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Director Dr. Emmylou B. Yanga for being the top performing school in Region IX in the November 2009 NLE. The Institution even made it to the top ten in the national rankings after obtaining a season-high 89.65% passing percentage in the said examination.

The new successful and proud nurses of the College are:

  1. Kristine Joy D. Abes, RN
  2. Kareen B. Adriatico, RN
  3. Fercie Mae N. Alunan, RN
  4. Ma. Jeddah Maxelle F. Asunto, RN
  5. Lorraine Kristy D. Atay, RN
  6. Oliver F. Bagarinao, RN
  7. Poe F. Bagarinao, Jr. , RN
  8. Debbie Mae V. Bejer, RN
  9.  Maria Christina A. Bengua, RN
  10. Mary Joseph Bautista, RN
  11. Jizelle B. Cabilin, RN
  12. Nilsin Joy I. Cagbabanua, RN
  13. Kristylle Gene P. Carlos, RN
  14. Anthonette E. Columnas, RN
  15. Junnika G. Cordero, RN
  16. Edmar F. Dalmacio, RN
  17. Jether Roi F. Dayrit, RN
  18. Irene C. Edombingo, RN
  19. Irish C. Edombingo, RN
  20. Michael Jaymar E. Fabuarda, RN
  21. Zaldy Y. Fiel, Jr. , RN
  22. Venice Marie N. Gonzaga, RN
  23. Rosamae D. Hibaya, RN
  24. Rez Rein P. Janolino, RN
  25. Guiller L. Jauculan, RN
  26. John Bel D. Kiskis, RN
  27. Abigail T. Rosales, RN
  28. Beverly M. Lumogdang, RN
  29. Dolly B. Maghari, RN
  30. Cheryl G. Manayon, RN
  31. Karen Jade Risnel T. Marabulas, RN
  32. Riza Malou B. Pacaldo, RN
  33. Krisma Roushelli C. Padao, RN
  34. Edsel Alaine M. Pagente, RN
  35. Princess Alona J. Peras, RN
  36. John Edward C. Prima, RN
  37. Venus I. Regencia, RN
  38. Jeddah T. Sapalleda, RN
  39. Willington Floyd B. Sevilla, RN
  40. Grethel May E. Siao, RN
  41. Ma. Stiffany B. Te, RN
  42. Sadam B. Te, RN
  43. John Titus R. Tenorio, RN
  44. Renz Karlo N. Timosa, RN
  45. Hayciel L. Tubera, RN
  46. Maria Cristina T. Vallejos, RN
  47. Jaypee M. Veradio, RN
  48. Phil Edward M. Villanueva, RN
  49. Kimberly A. Villarosa, RN
  50. Christie Fe D. Villarta, RN
  51. Marie Faith M. Winters, RN

Since 2006, the Andres Bonifacio College has been consistent in its standing in the NLE, achieving passing rates of not below 60%.




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