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by Alumni and Public Affairs Office on 09 12th, 2010
 ABCollege Intramurals 2010 kick off today,  Indigay, Mr. & Ms. Intrams to highlight sports fest

ABCollege Intramurals 2010 kick off today, Indigay, Mr. & Ms. Intrams to highlight sports fest

The Andres Bonifacio College Intramural Meet 2010 will officially kick off on Monday, September 13, 2010. With this year’s theme “Sports’ Contribution to National Development,” the week-long sports festival will be participated by eight delegations from the different departments of the College.

Students playing a new sport called Frisbee in which a plastic disc is tossed and caught by members of a team

To officially commence the said activity, a parade around the city is slated at 7:30 am to be followed by a short program at the Amando B. Amatong Civic Center. Aside from the usual sports events like basketball, volleyball, athletics, baseball, and many others, two new sports will be at their debut.

Added to the roster of events are Frisbee and a modified version of soccer which can be played by women. Frisbee, originally developed in the USA, has gained popularity among the youth because of its innovative maneuvers, attractiveness, and simplicity. It is played by throwing and catching the Frisbee in the air, the object of which is to throw the disc to a teammate in the end zone.

Also debuting this year is the soccer for women. Soccer has long been dominated by men but just recently the game has undergone modifications so as to suit for women enthusiasts. A new format is adopted which will allow more active playing in a shorter period of time, in which case a 1-hour game could end in just 45 minutes or less. This modified version is also adopted for men’s soccer which has been an event of the Intramurals for quite some time now.

The Indigay, a musical competition is also scheduled on September 16, 2010, 6:30 in the evening at the Amando B. Amatong Civic Center. Contestants from the different departments of the College will compete with each other in the Vocal Solo, Duet, Interpretative Dance, Dance Sport, and Modern Jazz categories.

But the real highlight of the week-long activity is the Mr. and Ms. Intrams 2010 pageant. Fourteen of the most gorgeous and the most talented men and women of the College will be showing off their skills and wits as they battle for the much coveted title of being this year’s most outstanding and most beautiful athletes. The pageant is slated to culminate the Intramural Meet 2010 on September 17, 2010.

The Intramural Meet is annually held by the College to foster unity, camaraderie, cooperation, and teamwork among students. “Sports is vital in keeping the school as well as in the society where it resides physically, mentally, and socially healthy,” said Mr. Julius B. Elopre, the Director for Admissions, Student Affairs and Services of Andres Bonifacio College.

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