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by admin on 09 11th, 2009
 ABCollege constructs 4-storey building

ABCollege constructs 4-storey building

As a part of the 7-year development plan bared by the College President, Mr. Sancho S. Amatong, Andres  Bonifacio College through the Board of Trustees paved the way for the construction of a modern 4-storied Administration Building.

The said edifice is a fruition of a structural design of Architect Jose O. Martinez, the resident architect of Andres Bonifacio College.

clocktower access

In an interview with the ABCollege Tertiary Publication,” The Bonifacio Standard”, Martinez said that the’ building is a personal architectural expression focused upon a program development and that the design is faithful to the needs of the College’.

The said building will house on the ground floor the modern offices for the administration officials which include the President and Chief Executive Officer, Vice Presidents, Comptroller, Treasurer and Business Manager, Human Resource Manager and the Registrar and their respective staff. The Business Center will also be situated in the Ground Floor.

The second level will be occupied by the Graduate School and the School of Law including the Main Library, Court Room and Judge’s Chamber will also be in place.

The School of Business and Management Education will occupy the third floor where most spaces  are intended for classrooms.

In addition to the offices of the deans and department heads, spaces for faculty room and study module compartments are reserved.

The School of Education will also nest in the fourth floor where faculty and conference rooms will be in place. High-end Audio-Visual Center and Multi-media Room will be housed on the same floor.

The existing Main Library and Grade School Department will also be developed on the ground floor to serve as the new and expanded Elementary Department.

On top of the said structure, an eight-foot digital clock will be installed which will be the first and the largest in the province if not in the region.

As the construction of the building still continues, students, employees and parents are looking forward that it will be finished and be made available in the second or third quarter next year.

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