Andres Bonifacio College

College Park, Dipolog City, Philippines 7100

by admin on 12 15th, 2009

Message from the President

Industry. Intelligence. Integrity. These values have been at the core of the Andres Bonifacio College in 1940.

Named in honor of the Great Plebeian, a man of humble origins who, through hard work and perseverance, educated himself and went on to father the Philippine Revolution, the Andres Bonifacio College was founded with the mission of providing quality education to all those willing to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of excellence, regardless of their gender, religion, ethno-linguistic group or socio-economic circumstances.

From a small Institute of seven students and five faculty members, the College has, through the hard work and combined effort of its community, grown into one of the foremost educational centers of Mindanao offering over 55 degree and diploma programs. It is the alma mater of over 20,000 professionals in the fields of Law, Nursing, Accountancy, Geodetic, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Education and Criminology.

Guided by the belief that education is the key to elevating mankind from ignorance and poverty, the College has recently embarked on an ambitious and comprehensive program to upgrade learning resources and teaching tools as well as providing top of the line facilities. It also continues to develop the expertise of its faculty and staff, and actively seeks to provide new and better opportunities for its students.

Yet, at the same time, the College acknowledges that the values of industry and intelligence are still wanting for one to succeed. In our view, what ultimately sustains success is integrity – that core value which encompasses honesty, discipline and responsibility; and provides the basic foundation for true leadership The Trustees, Administration, Faculty and Staff of the Andres Bonifacio College are committed to instilling the core values of Industry, Intelligence and Integrity in every student, and in so doing mold them into active citizens, leaders of society and agents of nation building.

It is our hope that our graduates not only bring pride to this institution, but more importantly, also take pride in what they have become – productive members of society and responsible members of the worldwide community.


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