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by Alumni and Public Affairs Office on 04 12th, 2012

Our Founder’s Legacy: The Incessant Task of Addressing Ignorance and Deprivation

(A Speech delivered by Mr. Sancho S. Amatong, President of the Andres Bonifacio College, on the occasion of 120th Birth Anniversary of the Founder, Amando B. Amatong last February 6, 2012 at the Amando B. Amatong Civic Center)

Deans of Schools and heads of offices, members of the faculty and staff, alumni, parents, students and friends….

Good evening to you all.

On behalf of my fellow Trustees, allow me to welcome you to the 120th Birth Anniversary of the founder of the Andres Bonifacio College, Amando B. Amatong.

For this year, the organizing committee has chosen the theme: “OUR FOUNDER’S LEGACY: THE INCESSANT TASK OF ADDRESSING IGNORANCE AND DEPRIVATION.”

Indeed, our task – the task of educating succeeding generations of citizens, professionals and leaders – is an unceasing one. Just as the effort to expand human knowledge is never ending, so must the effort to share and disseminate this information follow a continuous progression for the benefit of an ever expanding number of students.

Anniversaries like today give us an opportunity to pause and reflect on how far we have come along that line of progression.

What might our founder think of our progress if he were to compare the Andres Bonifacio College of today with the Andres Bonifacio Institute he founded almost seventy two years ago?

It is our hope that he would have been pleased with the progress we have made.

The ABI, as it was then known, started with rented rooms offering first and second year high school and also vocational courses in typing and stenography. It had 6 second hand typewriters, 5 faculty and 7 students.

Today the Andres Bonifacio College sprawls across a fifteen (15) hectare main campus in the heart of Dipolog City. The renovation of our Arts and Education Complex, originally constructed in the 1960s, is nearing completion, now anchored by our new Graduate and Professional Schools Building. We expect the renovation of the elementary and administration pavilions to be completed within the year.  Since 2001, our engineering and nursing students have been housed in their own five (5) storey Science and Technology Building complete with the necessary laboratories and facilities. At the same time, all our students have the use of our civic and sports facilities such as the Amando B. Amatong Civic Center, our regulation oval track and soccer field, and, of course, our state of the Art College Auditorium.

As many of you know, the Andres Bonifacio College also has a 3.5 hectare agricultural demonstration farm in Mibang, Dipolog City, which serves as a laboratory for our Agricultural Technology Students. The farm has produced and sold cash crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, pumpkins, water melons and many more. The farm also has a productive poultry and piggery, as well as a 2,000 sqm. fish pond, and an almost one hectare rice field.

However, what several of you may not know is that the demonstration farm will soon have its own “Biogas” facility.

How will this “Biogas” facility work?

The most important component of the Biogas facility is the Digester tank. The wastes, feces and urine of the pigs from the adjoining piggery facility will be stored in this tank and will undergo a process of “digestion” when acted upon by microorganisms. A product of this “digestive process” is methane gas which is highly flammable and can be used for cooking and heat.

The College is also in the process of constructing affordable dormitories and living quarters for our students and teachers adjacent to the Mibang demonstration farm. The objective is to put up 10 to 12 units of four (4) bedrooms each.  Each bedroom will in turn accommodate two students. Every unit will have its own kitchen, dining space, toilet and bathroom. Through design and the use of innovative and recycled materials, you and your parents will be glad to know that we expect to be able to keep dormitory rates affordable.

In connection with these projects, I would also like to inform you that, although it is still in the drawing board, the administration is considering another project capable of effectively reducing electricity cost in the new dorms.


I refer to the electricity that will light the dormitories coming from solar power using unconventional photovoltaic panel cells. The use of these photo voltaic panel cells is a new development utilizing a combination of hydro and solar power. This technique requires smaller quantity of cells thereby reducing cost.

Going hand in hand with the improvements to our infrastructure and facilities, our graduates’ continuing exemplary performance in the various licensure examinations remains a testament to their efforts as well as to the quality of education that our dedicated and diligent faculty has been able to impart.

I would also like to highlight the performance of our high school and elementary pupils who for the past several years have represented Region IX in national contests after winning the regional contests like the science quiz, sci-dama, painting and collage making. In fact, this February 8, 2012 six (6) of our elementary pupils are going to Baguio with their coaches to participate in the 9th National Science Quest.

Indeed, we have come a long way since the days of our founder.  But we will not stop here.

Within this year, we will break ground on our newest building, which will provide facilities for our high school students as well as new laboratory facilities for the School of Criminology and the Hotel and Restaurant Management. We will also renovate the existing high school building to bring it in line with the needs of our students and the rest of our campus.

These are just some of the most immediate steps we are taking in our ongoing capacity building efforts. Through this program of continuous self-improvement we intend to maintain, if not accelerate, the progress we are making towards becoming a leading center for learning in the country and the region.We look forward to your participation in our unending effort to improve the lives of present and future generations.

Thank you.

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