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by Bonifacio Standard on 01 22nd, 2010


F.S.A Development Corporation

The F.S.A. Development Corporation (FSA) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on September 2, 1993, with number AS093-006785.

Its primary purpose as stated in its Articles of Incorporation is: “To engage in the business of developing and operating shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, and other commercial complexes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, recreation and sports centers, real estate, subdivisions, memorial parks, agricultural and livestock farms, and agro-industrial processing projects.”

Unlike the Andres Bonifacio College which is a non-stock and non-profit, the F.S.A. Development Corporation, is a stock company, and most of its shares are owned by the members of the Andres Bonifacio College Board of Trustees.

It is a separate, sister corporation of the College complementing the latter’s important and basic educational mission. Its prime-movers firmly believe that quality education should stand on a sound financial footing that may be provided not only from within but also from without. More particularly so at this stage when grants and endowment funds from both the private and government sectors are not readily and easily accessible. Precisely, the F.S.A. Development Corporation was organized hopefully to lend financial flesh and muscle, so to speak, to the Andres Bonifacio College’s vision of providing quality, affordable education to the underprivileged Filipinos.

Moreover, such complementation was envisioned that whatever lines the corporation would go into should provide on-the-job trainings and exposure to many College’s faculty and students in management, engineering technology, etc. While it may be ideal to turn-out graduates who are generalist and liberal in outlook, they should be more familiar with what is empirically happening in their fields of specialization on the ground. They should come down from the ivory tower, so to speak, following the dictum: “Teach by showing, learn by doing.”

The F.S.A. Development Corporation has a real estate resource right in the City of Dipolog. If properly husbanded, it may generate revenue that will help, through the existing government incentive scheme, maintain professorial chairs and essential facilities for the college’s continuing drive for academic relevance and excellence.

The F.S.A. Development Corporation is located at 3rd Floor, Amando B. Amatong Civic Center, Andres Bonifacio College, College Park, Dipolog City, telephone nos. (065) 212-4884 and 212-7817.

FESADECO Security and Manpower Company, Inc

FESADECO Security and Manpower Company, Inc. intends as it does provide security of the Andres Bonifacio College, and job placement assistance to the later’s burgeoning number of graduates. It is not precluded, however, from servicing the community to which it belongs.

The security of the academe cannot be overemphasized. To be able to play its role effectively, the academic community must be free from fear, harm, and the hazard of an untammelled exchange of ideas. Its graduates must also be assisted in their search for their places in the sun wherein their talents fit and creativity effectively harnessed. These services may be rendered professionally and unobtrusively by FESADECO.

The COMPANY was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 18, 1996, with its Articles and By-Laws filed with the SEC on Decemebr 16, 1996. Since the start of its operation in 1997, it has established its niche in its chosen lines with its paramount commitment to service with honor.

The FESADECO Security and Manpower Company, Inc. is located at Gate 2, 2nd Floor, Amatong Building, Quezon Avenue, Dipolog City, telephone no. (065)212-5713.

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