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An institution of higher education has three broad functions:

1.  dissemination of knowledge

2.  application of knowledge

3.  advance the frontiers of knowledge

Each, without the others, makes that institution unworthy of its name. Learning from a body of knowledge that does not evolve over time through research is like drinking water from a stagnant pool. Teaching a body of knowledge, even combine with research but without its beneficial application, makes an academe an ivory tower that contributes little to the improvement of the quality of human life.

The center for Governance, Development and Continuing studies (GODECOST) of Andres Bonifacio College, in cooperation with its other departments and schools, intends to combine synergistically those functions in fields deemed relevant and peculiar in Mindanao.

The state of underdevelopment in Mindanao, while protracted, could not be inherent. The island is blessed with natural resources which, if properly tapped, sustain the country’s drive towards high consumption and eventual political and economic maturity. Why this has not happened needs more focus than the centralized government organizations could ever give.

The Center, in its humble way, intends to contribute to that essential, if not imperative focus in Mindanao concerns.

The Center is based in Dipolog City, and manned mostly by staff who hail from Mindanao. By reasons of proximity and familiarity, their perspective on the multifarious concerns that have beset the island could be realistic. Their studies could be dependable; and extension works derived therefrom could be doable and effective.


A catalyst for an enlightened and empowered citizenry constituting a productive and dynamic mass that supports a responsible government, institutionalizes good governance, and maintains a potentials of Mindanao in particular and the nation in general.


To actualize through training, research, and extension work: an accountable and effective governance, a socio-economic awareness of the people, and self-reliant communities for a better quality of life in a free and democratic society;

With defined commonality of purpose, to help establish a strong bond: between government and its constituents from a holistic and integrative perspective guided by the belief that: a nation half developed, and half underdeveloped faces the risk of disintegration.

Specifically, the Andres Bonifacio College through the Center for Governance.

Development and Continuing and Studies intends to delve into the following areas:

  1. Package teaching-training programs
  2. Research, and continuing studies
  3. Extension works in Management, Entrepreneurship and Agriculture
  4. Community organizing and immersion
  5. Program organization and management
  6. Public relations and media promotion
  7. Legal and paralegal services
  8. Consultancy on above- mentioned areas
  9. Advocacy
  10. Professional review courses under Philippine Law

For particulars call, email or visit us at:

3/F Felicidad I Building

Quezon Avenue, College Park

Dipolog City, Philippines 7100

Telefax: (065) 212-9178


Member: Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities

Philippine Association of Law Schools

Regional Partner: International Fellowship Program, Ford Foundation

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