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by eSMO on 12 12th, 2012
 ABCollege School of Law Conducts First Symposium Mindanao Conflict: The Road to Lasting Peace

ABCollege School of Law Conducts First Symposium Mindanao Conflict: The Road to Lasting Peace

In the celebration of the 72nd Foundation Day of the Andres Bonifacio College, School of Law conducts its first symposium on the 29th of November 2012, held at the ABCollege Auditorium spearheaded by Atty. Josh Sar Pacatang, Dean, School of Law and sponsored by the Oratorical and Debate Club (ORADEC).

Leila Amatong, ABCollege HRMO Director opened the activity by reiterating the nee of law students to engage in socio-economic and political affairs in the region. Likewise, in his message, Dean Pacatang, directly point our that under his leadership, the School of Law is committed to the development of socially responsible lawyers observing highest regards to the law and those who are poor, oppressed and dispossessed.

Dean Pacatang of the School of Law, sititng side by side with ABCollege Chairman of the Board of Trustees Atty. Ernesto S. Amatong and other visitors vividly listens while the speaker talks about Ending the Century Old Mindanao Conflict through the creation of Three (3) Autonomous Regions in Mindanao.

Dean Pacatang’s long awaited anticipation has come to materialize in this event, visualizing the peaceful and harmonious Mindanao in the future. Speakers’ main objective is to break the conflict amongst Mindanaoans that had lasted for more than centuries by its proposal for the 3 autonomous regions namely: the Lumads or Indigenous People Autonomous Region, the Greater Mindanao Area, and the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region proposing that people of the same ideology, beliefs, practices and aspirations should live together for, if there is peace and harmony, there will be economic prosperity. The Mindanao Conflict is a Battle of lands, rights and aspirations. With this radical proposal, the speakers believe that its high time to experiment something out the box. One of the question raised during the symposium is that: Are we ready for the change? The speaker wittingly answered with question: if we aren’t ready now, when will we be?

The symposium was attended by Atty. Ernesto S. Amatong, former congressman and ABCollege Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Fiscal Felin L. Comidoy, Atty. Ian Campiseño, Atty. Kenneth Rosal, and Atty James P. Verduguez, city councilor. Among those who participated are the students from the School of Arts and Sciences, specifically Mass Communication and Political Science Departments and School of Criminology headed by Dean Leo Naparota.




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