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by admin on 05 22nd, 2017
 ABCollege Board of Trustees hosts Dinner Party for ABCollege 16 New Lawyers

ABCollege Board of Trustees hosts Dinner Party for ABCollege 16 New Lawyers

It was a night of collective celebration and thanksgiving. This was the atmosphere during the Dinner Party hosted by the Andres Bonifacio College Board of Trustees in honor of the School of Law Dean, Faculty, and the 16 new lawyers held last May 13, 2016 at the Bamboo Garden, Dipolog City. The party equally hailed the success of Atty. Athalia B. Liong, 3rd Placer, and the other 15 new lawyers in the 2016 Bar Examinations and the invaluable contribution and continuing dedication of the Faculty of the School of Law in molding aspiring lawyers. Along with their families and their loved ones, Atty. Ernesto S. Amatong, Chairman, Board of Trustees, College President, Mr. Sancho S. Amatong, and Zamboanga del Norte 3rd District Congressman Atty. Isagani Amatong, Member of the Board of Trustees, shared a sumptuous meal with the Faculty of the School of Law and the 2016 Bar Examination Passers.

ABCollege New Lawyers with the Andres Bonifacio College Board of Trustees, School of Law Dean & Faculty Members

In a message, Congressman Isagani Amatong emphasized the great role of lawyers in the administration of justice and in ensuring that rule of law prevails. He further challenged the new lawyers to be part of the solution and to take an active role in addressing pressing issues that plagued our community. Executive Judge, Regional Trial Court – 9 and Presiding Judge, RTC Branch VII, Judge Rogelio Laquihon shared what it takes to be a lawyer; that diligence, perseverance and hard work will truly get one somewhere, and to practice law must guided by law, ethics and conscience.
Wrapping up all the congratulatory messages in the dinner party’s program is a speech from Atty. Ma. Cheryl Angela Pacatang-Barbaso, Dean of the School of Law. An excerpt of her speech is reproduced below:

“In the Convocation of the School of Law in June 2015, when your class was beginning your 4th year, I recalled my message at that time. I said:

Inspired by the record set by the School of Nursing of Andres Bonifacio College with 100% passing rate, we enter the new school year with a need to enlarge our vision for the School of Law. We have to break the barriers of the past and let us set the new standard, the one that will affect generations to come. All of you students and we the faculty can improve all our respective efforts, to do more of what is needed of us towards this direction, and expect good things to come.

Indeed we have achieved that goal! You have set a new standard, the one that will affect generations to come!

The results of the 2016 Bar Examinations SHOOK not only Dipolog City and Zamboanga del Norte but the entire world! It was as if there was a big QUAKE! On Facebook, Twitter and emails! Greeters — alumni and people who have attachment to Dipolog and Zamboanga del Norte, all over the world from Sweden, to Dubai, the United States and Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom all converged back to Andres Bonifacio College and celebrated, greeted each other a CONGRATULATORY remark for placing in the most coveted examination in the Philippines!

Atty. Athalia Briones Liong’s landing in 3rd place in the Bar Examinations is unprecedented! And as if that is not enough, we had an overflowing number of new lawyers, fifteen more!!

But in the beginning, when former Dean Josie “Josh” Pacatang returned to the School of Law after so many years, he became so passionate and so overpowering, he pushed and advocated for a rigid training of law students especially in your class, because in the beginning, he had predicted, as we all now recall, that He expects to see a topnotcher from this batch! Just this morning, Atty. Athalia Liong was able to FIND her notebook in the first year that had a note from Dean Josh, he said… PRESERVE THIS NOTEBOOK UP TO THE 4TH YEAR AND SEE IF YOU HAVE IMPROVED IN YOUR WRITING AND ANSWERING SKILLS. KEEP UP. YOU ARE A POTENTIAL TOPNOTCHER LIKE FOUR OR FIVE OTHERS IN THIS CLASS. (Zyldjyh, Aris, Iven)

He even promised to retire from teaching after 2012 first year students graduate in 2016. When they did graduate in 2016, Ms. Leila and I assigned his subjects and he got so perturbed because he said he will wait until the 2016 Bar results come in and that’s when he will rest. Now he can really rest in peace.

The entire Faculty of the School of Law also deserves a ‘QUAKE-like’ CONGRATULATIONS TOO! Despite the concerns of Judge Laquihon, and Judge Dalman; the busy schedule of Judge Bastasa, Judge Isaw and Judge Paler, the prosecutors and practitioners of law, you all were there to help in the preparation and training of our successful examinees!

Indeed it takes a whole institution and a community to produce this strong batch of new lawyers tonight. Again, just as I have encouraged you in that Convocation Night, we all have broken the barriers of the past and WE HAVE JUST set the new standard, the one that will affect generations to come.” (Dean Ma. Cheryl Angela Pacatang-Barbaso)


BOT Chair, Atty. Ernesto S. Amatong, College President Mr. Sancho S. Amatong, and Dean, School of Law, Atty. Ma. Cheryl Angela Pacatang-Barbaso awarded Atty. Athalia Briones Liong.


In the same night, Andres Bonifacio College honored Atty. Athalia B. Liong by bestowing to her a scholarship grant named after her, the Athalia B. Liong Scholarship – “a scholarship given to a poor but deserving student in the School of Law, a fitting tribute of her outstanding achievement as third placer in the 2016 Bar Examinations given by the Supreme Court of the Philippines, for bringing honor and distinction to Andres Bonifacio College, for raising the bar of excellence in the College’s legal education and influence, and for creating a legacy – inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.” (Kevin James Limbaga)

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